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Reviews / Meivo - Computer Shopper
» Computer Shopper says features 9/10


Rock’s Meivo all-in-one PC looks uncannily like Sony Vaio VGC-LA1 Computer, but has enough distinctive improvements to set apart from the vaio and other space-saving all in one computers such as Apple’s 24in Imac. The Meivo takes up only a bit more space than standalone 22in monitor, although it has a limited tilt and swivel. Its large 22in widescreen monitor is bright and has wide viewing angles. Making it well suited for watching DVD’S. It has the same 1680 x 1050 resolution as the Vaio’s 19in screen which isn’t quite enough to show 1080p high definition video as the 24in iMacs 1920 x 1200 display does. It still produces a good picture, however which you can watch from across the room. As our application benchmarks show, the Meivo can handle all but the most strenuous of tasks thanks to its plentiful 2Gb of Ram and fast core 2 duo e6300 processor. It was a little faster than the vaio in our image-editing and multiple applications benchmarks, but the 24in iMac’s was quicker than either Meivo or the vaio in our video-encoding benchmark.

Unfortunately, the Meivo isn’t as capable for playing 3d games. It uses one of Intels newest intergrated graphics chips, the GMA 3000, BUT IT’S NO BETTER THAN IT’S PREDECESSOR THE gma 950, for playing the latest games, as our 3d benchmarks show. It could’t even run our Call of Duty 2 test, although older titles should be playable.

Unlike the Imac, the meivo has a built-in hybrid TV tuner so you can watch and record either analogue or digital TV broadcast using Windows Vista Media Center features and the included remote control. If you want to record one programme while you watch another, you’ll have to add another tunner. The built- in speakers are suprisingly loud and can fill a small room, but they sound harsh. The included media centre keyboard ist’t suited for prolonged typing due to its springy keys.

Many all in one computers tend to be difficult or impossible to upgrade, but many of the meivo’s internal components are easily accessible. A removable panel reveals the mini PCI slots holding the wireless networking adaptor and TV tuner. There’s even an empty slot for adding another mini-PCI TV tuner as well as an express card / 54 slot for adding expansion cards, a feature more commonly found on notebooks. The 250GB 3.5in SATA hard disk can easily be replaced if it’s not spacious enough for your needs. There’s even enough space for another 3.5in SATA hard disk, but you’ll need a proprietary screw-in bracket to fit one. Alternatively, you could add external hard disks using the four USB2 PORTS AS WELL AS THE esata and Firewire 400 sockets. If you regularly need to insert USB devises such as flash drives, however the meivo’s design could quickly prove inconvenient as only one USB2 port is side- mounted, with the rest located in a recessed and hard-to- reach cavity.

You can’t connect another monitor or TV TO THE MEIVO AS YOU CAN WITH THE Imac, but you can also record video for sources such as a VCR thanks to the meivo’s S-Video and components inputs. You can also connect a surround-sound amplifier to the S/PDIF sockets. The Meivo isn’t suitable for gamers and the 24in iMac has a larger screen. But if you need a compact, fast and easily upgradable PC the meivo is an excellent choice.

Fastest laptop on test
HD- Resolution TFT

Features 9/10
Value for money 7/10
Overall 8/10

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