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Meivo Rocks the Bedroom Telly

So, when we left you last we’d received an enigmatic invite from hardcore gaming notebook makers Rock, luring us to the launch of Meivo or Multimedia Entertainment Integrating Video On Demand. Well several glasses of champagne and a bizarre tour round the good house keeping institute later, we can now reveal that Meivo isn’t an IPTV box, or a VoD service; it’s a telly – or should that be a PC? See we’re still trying to make our minds up. Inside is the heart of a core 2 duo media centre PC, but outside is a Perspex lined, wall mountable, 22in, widescreen, HD-TV. Could it be that rock have picked up where ill-fated Elonex have left off with the all in one lumina? We’ll say a definite ‘YES’. The laptop king has managed to pull off the ‘same nothing to see but an LCD here’ trick, but in the case with even more style, considerably less weight and, more importantly, with vista Premium. In keeping with its gaming roots, Roc kwill let you spec it right up to a core 2 duo with any MXM-based NVIDIA graphics card. HD-DVD or blue ray drives are expected to be an option shortly, too, and a 19-incher is on its way for those or you who really need to save space. If you can stomach the price tag, it’s all the bedroom slash kitchen telly you’ll ever need, in one very sexy, wall-mountable package. Essential Rock Meivo Price: £900-£1500

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