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Reviews / Xtreme CTX Pro - PC Gamer
» PC Gamer says 85%


Rolling Stone Xtreme CTX Pro

To balance things out, and give you the complete picture of what’s available, here’s the alternative to a desktop PC. A top end gaming laptop. Yes for components tucked away inside it’s slightly more expensive than a desktop, and there are no DirectX 10

Graphics chips available in notebook format at the moment, but don’t write off portable PC gaming just yet. This is an update to the Rock Xtreme CTX that previously won our hearts, and there’s just as much reason to like this big boy. The 1440 x 900 glossy coated screen is sharp and vivid, and the T7600 CPU plus Geforce 7950Go graphics are more than enough to drive it at native resolution. There’s an optional upgrade to a 1920 x 1200 panel, but we’d probably stick with this. Hitting a resolution that high with any moderately demanding game is going to be hard work for any laptop.

The Three- year warranty is almost essential for something you’ll be carting around with you regularly. It also claims to be the thinnest 17-Inch gaming laptop, but at over 4Kg you’ll still probably want to fit with wheels and an extending handels.

Performance 85%
Value 84%
Overall 85%

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