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Reviews / Pegasus 665 - Digital Arts


With a design that is reminiscent of sony vaio minus a few pounds, Rock’s Pegasus 665 is slim enough to slip in a bag and run with. However, you may not get to far as it is the heaviest of the models we’ve looked at here by a few hundred grams – due to the longer lasting nine cell battery that rock has provided with this model. With this installed, the Pegasus 665 lasted longer on battery alone than most of its rivals – though not as long as the vaio.
In our tests, the Pegasus 665 was the fastest overall – though we’d put money on the MacBook Pro beating it when the full version of Creative Suite 3 ships, as the Mac was ahead in the native Cinebenchrendering and photoshop CS3 beta tests. This is despite the 665 running windows Vista, which none of our test application officially support.

Vista played merry hell with our real-time 3D tests in cinebench, throwing up obvious erroneous results. The included GeForce Go 7600 graphics chip usually provide solid if mediocre performance, but it won’t run your battery down. The 665 has a glossy screen, but it didn’t make as much of a difference to the colour gamut as the Vaio’s

The Pegasus has a switch on the front to turn wireless networking on and off – helpfully saving battery power – but it lacks the innovative switch to turn the graphics chip on and off that its predecessor, the 650 had. This allowed you to rely on the built in Intel graphics adaptor for even longer battery – albeit with very low 3D graphics power.

We were very impressed with the Pegasus 665 – though for the immediate future we’d recommend running Windows XP on it.

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