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Reviews / Pegasus 665 - Computer Shopper
» 3/5 stars


Rock·s Pegasus 665 - Great display; Fast in Windows and 3D...

Acer’s Aspire 3692WLMi, reviewed on page 16, shows that even budget notebooks are fairly powerful these days. However, if you want a notebook that can race through tough tasks and play games as well, you’ll still need to spend a bit more.

Many of the notebooks in this month’s lab test are capable of doing both to some degree but, at around £200 pound more, Rocks Pegasus 665 will out perform them all. With 2Gb of RAM, it’s Intel core 2 Duo processor certainly made short work of our benchmarks. It’s more than capable of taking on processor-intensive computing task such as video editing, but it was not quicker in windows than the best notebooks in our lad test.

Fortunately, the Pegasus combines good windows performance with reasonable 3D power, thanks to its Nvidia Go 7600 Graphics processor. It’s the best of the affordable mobile chipsets, but you may find you have to compromise graphical detail to get some game running at smooth frame rates.

Whether your editing video or playing games, a good display is essential. The Pegasus has one of the best we’ve seen. It’s bright and capable of displaying a clean white screen without any colour tint. The backlighting is never across the whole display and there’s no sign of grain that can spoil some screens.

The keyboard could do with more feedback, through the keys’ size and depth of travel are good. The touch pad is accurate and can be deactivated with a toggle switch, which is very useful for gamers or typists who might accidentally brush it. There’s a good range of ports around the chassis edges. As well as three USB2 ports and firewire, there’s a memory card reader, optical S/PDIF audio output, and DVI port. Among the ports is a volume control dial, which is handier than using the usual keyboard short cuts. The speakers are fair for a notebook, but they lack bass and can sound a bit harsh.

You can store plenty of music on the 100Gb HDD, but 10Gb of it’s space is filled by Windows Vista Home Premium. A few game installations and video files could see you quickly running out of space and at this price you’d reasonably expect a 120Gb or 160Gb disk.

This notebook is heavy to carry around every day, and you won’t get far from the mains with its battery life, which lasted for an appalling 1 hours and 29 minutes. It also gets rather hot underneath , even when idle, so it could be uncomfortable to use on your lap. It’s a powerful computer though, which comes with a 3yr collect and return warranty. It’s suitable for most tasks and playing the odd game, but its poor battery life prevents it getting a higher score.

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