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Reviews / Xtreme CTX - Computer Shopper
» Computer Shopper awards 4/5



rock’s XCTX-T2600 has one of the fastest mobile graphics chipsets available. The Nvidia 7900 GTX provides smooth frame rates in all the latest titles. It stormed through our standard Doom 3 test with a score 107.2fps, and also scored a very playable 34.5fps in our tough Call of Duty 2 test.

The excellent display has great contrast for playing games and a huge 1,920 x 1,200 native resolution, giving you plenty of room to run complex applications. An Intel Core Duo T2600 processor and 1GB of RAM were very quick in our benchmarks, scoring 148 overall. The 100GB hard disc is more than big enough for large game installations.

An added benefit is the generous three-year warranty. The XCTX-T2600 is a powerful notebook that is ideal for gamers and those who need great application performance.

Computer Shopper awards rock XCTX 4/5

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