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Reviews / Xtreme CTX Pro - What Laptop
» 8/10


The rock Xtreme CTX Pro adds Intel’s Core 2 Duo chip for improved performance and mobility. Despite being built around the existing 945PM chipset, the use of Intel’s T7600 processor brings with it a 2.33 GHz running speed. Improving performance is an ample 4Mb of level 2 cache -2Mb more than standard Core Duo CPU’s.

Backed by 1024Mb of DDR2 memory, and a 100Gb hard drive (7200rpm), high Performance was expected. However, since MobileMark test software has yet to be optimised for the new Intel chip, benchmark results were unimpressive. Scoring just204 points, it was below older Intel dual-core chips.

However, running the dual-core optimised tests of Cinebench, the rockexcelled, beatinbg similarly specified Core Duo laptops by as much as 35 per cent. Battery life was less impressive at 130 minutes, although again this may be cue to the new technology.

With a clear improvement in performance, both Intel and rock seem to be perfecting its Dual-Core architecture. However, improvements are needed if the new chip is to fully meet the needs of the mobile market.

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