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Reviews / Xtreme CTX Pro - PC Gamer
» PC Gamer says 89%


rock Xtreme CT

Hot Stone – Rock Xtreme CT “Big, Shiny, and Beautiful”

“It was the sleek, black, and silver rock that turned heads wherever we went. That’s largely thanks to the screen –it’s a gleaming 17” widescreen beast, and its X-Glass finish gives it an extraordinary lustre that the Alienware or Evesham can’t match. The image looks like a crisp glossy photo from virtually any angle.”

“The state of the art Core Duo T2700 processor –coupled to a muscular GeForce Go 7900GTX –handles Oblivion deftly at its native resolution of 1680 x 1050, if you twizzle a few unimportant settings down. At that resolution and on that screen, it’s droolably pretty –the X-Glass’s vivid colours really are a huge improvement over the washed-out norm for laptop screens, and even beats other colour-enhancing technologies such as ClearView and Crystal-Shine. It makes the rock perfect for showing off –games look hyper-real when they’re that colourful and high-res, and DVD’s and DivX video benefit similarly.”

“Its performance is blistering –it beats even the SLI Alienware.”

“Rock actually manages a good balance between performance and cost, easily powerful enough for the games of today and the foreseeable future, but no more expensive than a new high-end desktop PC.”

“Considering that it’s a decent price for the main guts it contains, it’s surprising how many extra’s the Xtreme CT comes with.”


Please note: This review covered the Xtreme CTX, a model identical to the current Xtreme CTX Pro but the newer Pro version is boosted with the addition of Intel Core 2 Duo processors.

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