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Reviews / Pegasus 330 - Computer Buyer
» 4/5


ROCK Pegasus 330

The overclocked processor is the first of many welcome surprises

ROCK IS BEST known for its powerful desktop replacement laptops and it had brought some of its high-performance pedigree of the Pegasus 330. Its 1.83GHz IntelCore Duo T2400 processor has been overclocked by 5% to wring even more performance from it. Such a small tweak shouldn’t cause any problems, but it does make an impact on the Pegasus’ benchmark scores.

The downside is that the Pegasus is heavy and at 2.2Kg it’s stretching the bounds of what can be considered an ultra-portable. It’s solidly built though and has a nifty ‘silent mode’ that forces the processor to slow to 1GHz, which means less heat and less cooling, which in turn means less noise and longer battery life. There’s also an InstantOn function, so you can watch DVD’s or play music without having to wait for Windows to load. The Pegasus’ screen has a glossy coating that gives a lush vibrant image. As with all displays of this type though, bright light does cause screen glare. The display itself is physically larger than other models at 13.1”, although, it has the same 1280 x 800 resolution.

Like most of the ultra-portables we looked at, the Pegasus’ keyboard is surprising large. The full-size keys are firm enough too, which makes for comfortable typing. Unfortunately, while a fine laptop, the Pegasus doesn’t quite cut it as the best ultra-portable here –the battery life is the shortest of the bunch and the laptop is just too heavy.

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