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Reviews / Pegasus 210 - What Laptop
» What Laptop says 7/10


Rock Pegasus 210

In Brief: Stylish, strong and portable with great connectivity, but very low powered.

Rock is a UK-based manufacturer known for it·s market leading gaming laptops. Its Pegasus 210 (£1056 inc. VAT) takes a different approach by providing style and mobility over raw power, while managing to maintain an affordable price.
The 1.4kg chassis is impressive and strikes a balance between consumer and corporate style. Magnesium-alloy has been used throughout, and makes it impressively strong.

The user interface is excellent and all keys move smoothly and accurately. They are smaller than rival laptops, however, so larger hands may struggle with the secondary keys in particular. The touchpad is small, so it·s worth carrying an external mouse for use at home or in the office.
The 12.1-inch screen uses a glossy Super-TFT coating. Images are bright and colour and contrast are impressive. Mobile users should be aware of the increased reflections, however, but it·s a worthy trade-off for such strong image quality.

This level of quality fails to translate to 3D performance. As with three other laptops in this group, the Intel GMA 950 chip delivers the most basic graphics performance. You can edit your own digital photos and videos, but don·t expect the process to run quickly.

Ultra-mobile processor
In a similar vein to the MacBook Air·s specialised Intel processor, Rock has used an Intel A110 chip. Its energy-efficient design provides an impressive 300-minute battery life. The downside is its poor performance – it slows to a crawl under even mild workloads.

A key selling point is the HSDPA wireless broadband connectivity. This allows you to get online via mobile phone masts wherever you travel, rather than being tied to Wi-Fi hotspots.

The 80GB hard drive provides storage and is shock-mounted to protect your data. Along with the Apple, this is the only laptop in this group to lack an integrated optical drive. An external drive can be added for £71 (inc. VAT).
Since Windows Vista has proved unpopular with many users, Rock offers Windows XP Professional as an alternative at the time of purchase.
The style, strength, mobility and connectivity of the Rock Pegasus 210 make for a great consumer ultraportable.

Its rock-bottom performance and limited storage may deter more demanding users, however, so consider your current and future needs.



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