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Reviews / Pegasus 210 - What Laptop
» What Laptop says 7/10


Rock Pegasus 210

In Brief: A stylish and portable laptop with a strong battery life, but low performance.

UK based Rock is best known for its gaming laptops. The Pegasus 210 (£1174 inc VAT) is a sleek ultraportable that aims for style and mobility over performance. It succeeds despite a lack of features. The slim chassis weighs just 1.4kg. Magnesium-alloy has been used throughout to provide impressive strength. Even the thin screen is resilient enough for long-term travel use, despite being just 6mm thick.
Usability is strong, but geared towards smaller-handed typists. The keyboard responds well and touch-typing is smooth.
However the touchpad is small and awkward to navigate. An external mouse is preferable when back at the office.

Super-TFT screen
The 12.1-inch Super-TFT screen is bright and sharp. Colours are vibrant, but can·t match the Sony. The glossy screen adds depth to images, but increases reflections, and it can be tricky to get the perfect viewing angle under bright lights.

While all the other laptops in this group use the latest graphics technology, the Rock uses an older integrated Intel chip. It provides only the most basic graphics performance, but you can still edit photos and watch movies.
To improve battery life, Rock has used an Intel A110 processor – a CPU more commonly used in UMPCs. This allows the battery to run for 300 minutes, but also results in the lowest performance of all the laptops in this group.
Storage options are also limited. The 80GB hard drive suits basic use, but falls behind all but the FSC in this group. There is also no built in optical drive, although an external brushed aluminium drive can be added for £71 (inc VAT).

Data security features are well implemented. Shock-protection technology prevents hard drive damage if the laptop is dropped. A fingerprint scanner lets you restrict access to the laptop and makes it easy to log in with a swipe of your finger.

HSDPA connectivity is not locked to a specific provider, so buyers have the freedom of choice for the tariff they prefer. This could be a key selling point for many users, as it allows you to easily move from one service provider to another.

Buyers can choose to install either Windows XP or Vista, so you can choose the best software compatibility or the latest features. A three-year warranty is also provided, and includes all delivery and repair fees.
The Rock Pegasus 210 is a stylish and portable system, its battery life and tough yet light chassis are ideal for journeys.

It·s only the low performance and lack of features that limit this otherwise excellent ultraportable.

7 / 10

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