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Reviews / Pegasus 710 - PC Advisor
» PC Advisor says 3.5/5


rock Pegasus 710

When it comes to inspiring design, the 710 doesn·t really deliver the goods. Its black lid and predominantly silver interior provide a clean but unexciting look. There are no media playback controls or TV tuner here; the most interesting add-on is the energy-saving button.
The glossy screen is large but the image quality is far from perfect. Text in particular appears blurred, while visibility proves difficult in some lighting conditions.

Considering that this laptop includes an HD-DVD drive, we·d expect a better screen for watching movies.The keyboard, which is smaller than those on many full-sized laptops, is comfortable to use. The trackpad is responsive but the buttons below it aren·t very user-friendly – they have to be pressed towards one side, which makes it difficult to tell when something is selected.

A battery life of 70 minutes isn·t great for a laptop of this price. On the other hand, its gaming results (40 frames per second) and WorldBench real-world speed score (67 points) aren·t too shabby. This impressive performance is based on the combination of a Centrino Duo chip and Santa Rosa technology.
We were also impressed by Rock·s generous warranty.

HD-DVD drives are now standard on Rock laptops, and this enhances the machine·s multimedia capabilities. You could hook it up to an HD-Ready TV using the high-definition multimedia interface, transforming it into an HD-DVD player. The 710 also includes support for DirectX 10 graphics and features a 1.3-megapixel webcam.

Add Bluetooth and the ability to connect to a, g and n wireless and the Pegasus is well connected.

The Pegasus 710 is quite dull to look at, it·s heavy and the screen isn·t great for watching movies or playing games. But the 710 compensates with some strong multimedia features. An HD-DVD drive and DirectX 10 support make this an enticing buy.


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