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Reviews / Pegasus 335 - Computer Buyer
» Computer Buyer says 3/5


The winner in the speed tests, but is it the best choice overall?

Rock’s Pegasus P335-T72 is a fairly light laptop that’s powerful enough for pretty much any task you want to throw at it, as long as you’re not a gamer. It has a 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of RAM and a large 160GB hard disk, so you’re unlikely to run out of space in a hurry.
Windows Vista runs beautifully, and the flashy Aero interface looks great on the laptop’s high-contrast glossy screen.
The Pegasus came top of the group in our 2D benchmarks, with a very strong score of 167%. Unfortunately, all that power ruins its battery life. Two hours and 15 minutes of light use is all you’ll get, and you won’t even get through an average film when playing DVDs. For some reason the battery takes forever to charge, needing over three and a half hours to reach maximum capacity.
There’s nothing really missing from the Rock’s specification, with three USB2.0 ports, FireWire and D-sub and S-Video outputs clustered around its base. The touchpad is highly accurate, but its buttons are stiff. Like Acer’s, the Rock’s keyboards flexes when you type, which gets tiring after a while.
Rock’s Pegasus P335-T72 offers a comprehensive specification and plenty of power for the price, but the terrible battery life lets it down.


A fast notebook with a generous specification, but its battery life is very poor for its class

Overall ( 3/5 Star)

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