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Reviews / Meivo - Computer Shopper


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Rock’s Meivo all-in-one PC only takes up a bit more space than a standalone 22in monitor. Its 1,680 x 1,050 resolution isn’t quite enough to show 1080p high-definition video, but it’s still watchable from across a small room.
The Meivo can handle all but the most strenuous tasks thanks to its 2GB of RAM and fast Core 2 Duo E6300 processor. Unfortunately, the Meivo’s integrated Intel graphics chip isn’t up to playing the latest 3D games. It couldn’t run our Call of Duty 2 test, although older titles should be playable.You can watch and record either analogue or digital TV broadcasts using the built-in hybrid TV tuner.

Many all-in-one computers tend to be difficult or impossible to upgrade, but many of the Meivo’s internal components, such as the mini PCI slots and 3 1/2in disk, are easily accessible. There’s even an ExpressCard/54 slot.
The Meivo isn’t suitable for gamers, but if you need a compact, fast and easily upgradable PC, the Meivo is an excellent choice.


Good Points: Compact and upgradable; high-resolution screen.
Bad Points: Not suitable for games

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