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My keyboard does not work properly, when I press shift + 2 I get the @ sign and when I press shift + @ I get "

This is because your keyboard is currently set to a United States keyboard, to change to United Kingdom keyboard follow steps below:

1. Click on "Start" then "Control Panel"

2. In the pick a category menu select "Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options"

3. In the pick a task option select "Add other languages"

4. Within the languages tab select the "details" button.

5. Select the "add" button.

6. Change the input language option to "English (United Kingdom)" then press "OK".

7. Now you will see two keyboards displayed under the installed services area, you want to delete the United States keyboard by selecting it them pressing "Remove". This should automatically make the English (United Kingdom) layout set as the default.

8. Explore the other tabs available at the top of the window and ensure all options within the tabs related to the keyboard layout is set to English (United Kingdom).

9. Now select "OK", You will then get an error message saying keyboard can not be removed as its currently in use, all this means is that the new setting will take effect from when you reboot, so just press "OK" to that message.

10. Reboot system to ensure keyboard layout takes effect.

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